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Accredited through NHWA

What we do and why


    The National Homewatch Association best describes what we do as a basic home/property watch service which is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.  

Topsail Home Watch feels that your home is one of your biggest assets but can also be a huge liability if not taken care of properly.   If  you are an owner who manages a vacation rental house or condo and require boots on the ground to address issues when you can't be there, then Topsail Home Watch is at your service.  Do you need someone to check in your service people such as cleaners, landscaping, or other contractors in addition to a basic service?  Topsail Home Watch can provide many services above and beyond those of your rental management agencies, especially during the "off season" when the properties are most often vacant and possibly not under intense rental management supervision.  

We can supervise above and beyond that level if so desired.

      We engage a 60-point checklist of services and use it to compare services you might be seeking. 

  We are fully bonded and insured.

Having your neighbor or friend watch your home is an imposition on your neighbor and a liability for them. First of all, they are tied to routinely checking your house, a chore that is easily forgotten and can become burdensome if they are called away. A trained and bonded home watch service is really the only way to insure that your home will be properly inspected and cared for. Your neighbor just can't know all the things that need to be checked and when they need to be checked. 

When a major storm is headed in our direction it can be nerve racking, especially if you are unable to visit and secure everything before hand.  This is where we can come in.


This is an excerpt from an article of the things you should think about when leaving your home alone.     "The FBI reports that a burglary occurs every eight seconds in the United States. According to the Insurance Information Institute, nine out of 10 of those burglaries are preventable. The institute offers the following tips for when you leave for vacation: Leave blinds open in their usual position.     Have mail and packages picked up, forwarded or held by the post office.     Lower the volume of your telephone ringer and answering machine so they can’t be heard outside, and never leave an outgoing message saying you’re away.     Arrange to have your lawn mowed or your shrubs trimmed.     Stop newspaper deliveries, and have your “throwaway” newspapers and circulars picked up.     Use automatic timers to turn lights on and off in your living room and bedrooms at appropriate times. Also consider connecting a radio to a timer.     Ask neighbors to park their cars in your driveway and to check your doorstep for unexpected deliveries.     Be sure someone puts out your trash on the appointed day. Clear any incoming messages from your answering machine so you don’t run out of storage space. Double-check every door and window before you leave the house (It’s easy to leave in a rush). Whenever you park your car in a parking lot, be sure to remove the garage door opener from plain view. Many burglaries have resulted from people stealing garage door openers and using them to get into the house.     It’s also a good idea to tell police and dependable neighbors when you plan to be away, and to join with your neighbors to keep a close watch on what’s happening in your area. Working closely with them is a good way to prevent crime whether you are home or away."


     Theft isn’t the only worry when your home is alone. In fact, accidents can be worse. Most people worry about fire, and they take all the necessary precautions. But water can do just as much damage. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute reports billions of dollars in insured losses last winter due to burst pipes, frozen gutters, leaking toilets and other water disasters.     My brother-in-law told me of a horrifying story that happened to him while he was on an extended vacation with his family.   He had a washing machine hose begin leaking, then turn into a torrent of water that flooded their entire home and required that they live elsewhere until drywall, insulation, trim, and flooring were repaired.  Do you think that required the attention of an insurance adjuster?  Could the accident have been prevented?  Yes.  Just turn off the water coming into the home before you leave on any extended trip. If turning off the water to your entire house isn’t possible, shut off the water to the toilets and washing machine — the two biggest culprits for inside flood damage. Take precautions so that when you return from your absence, you won’t be met by "two cops and a plumber."  And if you want to be sure everything is done correctly and regularly, call us.


We are not licensed home inspectors, house sitters, security service, nor are we involved in  property management as a rental agency . By offering home watch services, we are the eyes and ears for your property around the Topsail Island area. Every home and situation is different so after meeting with you we can develop a plan to fit your expectations and budget.  Listed are a few of our services for a typical 2500 square foot home with an annual agreement.

Visual inspection of doors and windows for signs of vandalism and weather damage and are locked. 

Visual inspection for water leaks and wind damage   

Visual inspection of lawn, landscaping and outside faucets

Visual inspection of gutters and roof from the ground  

Visual inspection of pool, spa and equipment 

Visual inspection of outside A/C equipment for damage  

Visual inspection for unwanted pests and insects  

Remove unwanted flyers and newspapers, check mail and place in home or as directed

Visual inspection for water damage to ceiling, walls and floors  

Visual inspection for mold and mildew  

Run faucets, flush toilets, brush toilet if provided, run disposal and dishwasher monthly  

Visual inspection of thermostat and air handler to insure they are working properly  

Visual inspection of refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer (operate once per month)  

Visual inspection of water heater  

Check electric panel for tripped breakers and reset

Roll trashcans in if left out by owners or tenants  

Referral service for cleaners, handyman, contractors, etc.    Call for pricing.

Key holder service

These services are available with no contract, but an agreement on services to be provided and when.


Auto Watch: Test drive, check air, and inspect for fluid leaks , visual inspection, turn over engine.

Marine Watch: Run engine in water and flush engine once per month, visual inspection, test lift.

Meet service providers/deliveries 

Closing service:  (does not include plumbing or electrical fees if required)

Opening service:  (does not include plumbing or electrical fees if required)

Emergency service:  (does not include plumbing or electrical fees if required)  After hour fees may apply.

Emergency response services require you to notify that Topsail Home Watch is a key holder and not a security company.  We will respond to alarm notification in as timely a fashion as scheduling permits.  The service call charge includes property inspection after alarm notification and rearming system.  Owner will be notified of any visible signs of intrusion and sent an email report.

Pre-and Post Storm inspections: 

Arrangements must be made in advance.  Category 2+ evacuations may affect scheduling.

Topsail Home Watch sends out an email to subscribers if there is a tropical storm or hurricane warning for coastal North Carolina.  At your request, we check on your home pre-storm, ensure that all portable furniture is inside and perform any special requests.  After the storm Topsail Home Watch will inspect your property for damage and ensure the integrity of the house and systems. We will document any damage with pictures and help coordinate repairs and work with your insurance adjuster, if required.  We are here to relieve the heavy burden of caring for your property. 


 Why Topsail Home Watch?

Accredited, insured, bonded – Please ask us for proof…for your peace of mind  

Members of the National Home Watch Association   

Professionals in the industry who keep on top of the latest methods to protect your property and maintain great relationships with other home vendors.  

Pride in their organization’s honesty and integrity 


Can we afford Topsail Home Watch?

What is your peace of mind worth?  You cannot put a price on preventing a disaster.  You deserve the best possible professionals to care for one of your biggest investments?  We have payment arrangements for your convenience  We take checks and cash.   

We want to give you peace of mind knowing that your home away from home is being looked after with honesty and integrity. Although we can't be there 24/7 for immediate intervention, we pay close attention to detail during our walk through so we can anticipate problems before they happen.  When you sign up for our home watch service, we suggest coming to your home more than once a month. Too much can happen in a month's time.  What if your upstairs neighbor has a leak in their bathroom? Just imagine the damage to your condo in a month's time. We strongly recommend weekly visits to ensure your slice of paradise is well maintained.  After each visit, a detailed report is texted or emailed to you so you can stay updated on your home.

Hiring us as your dedicated home watch professionals will allow you to rest easy and know that your home is in very good hands! 


Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.  However, given the nature of our business, we are available after hours and weekends for scheduled additional services and emergencies that may arise. 


 Tim and Slater Powell have lived and worked in the Topsail area since 1983.  Tim Powell practiced general dentistry here for 34 years until retirement in 2017.  He has owned, serviced, and managed multiple properties throughout that time and is intimately familiar with property owner nuances including coordination with outside rental management entities.  Knowledge of, and relationships with local real estate companies and trades people enables him to direct homeowners to those that he knows and trusts when needed.  He feels confident that his experience can be used to serve others who are absent from their homes.
His son Slater Powell was beside his father on many occasions during this time except while matriculating his BS degree at UNCW.  He is a reknowned local surfer and fisherman with intimate knowledge of Topsail Island and the surrounding area.
They have both experienced the direct effects of all hurricanes on Topsail homes since 1983.  Their oceanfront home of ten years experienced a direct hit from hurricane Bertha, then Fran in 1996.  During Floyd's assault in 1999, Tim's parents' home located on the NE Cape Fear River near Burgaw was completely submerged; then destroyed by Florence in 2018.    

Much was learned.  Now they wish to apply their experiences to help you with your home.

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